Turquoise Sea III an original oil painting on canvas of a wave breaking onto a sandy beach. Available for sale on this website

Seascape Paintings

Seascape paintings that capture the essence of Devon and Cornwall’s coastline. Powerful ocean waves contrasting with the calming tranquil feeling a walk along the beach inspires

Wave Paintings

Discover dynamic wave paintings that bring a sense of movement and escapism to any space.

Geopark Ambassador Artist

Reflect upon the beauty and importance of our coastal landscapes.

Seascape and Wave Original Oil Paintings

Explore my paintings through my online gallery.

View the paintings in your own space with my Artplacer app just click on the button that says “View in my room” above each artwork. Upload a photo of your space and try out the paintings in a virtual space.

Perranporth Beach Waves IV original oil painting on canvas
Perranporth Beach Waves IV

Original Oil Paintings

Unique oil paintings inspired by the ocean’s energy

Vibrant giclee Prints. Emerald Ocean Waves II giclee print for sale online

Vibrant Prints

Beautiful seascapes that bring the ocean indoors

Turquoise Beach Wave II original seascape oil painting on canvas for sale online

Dynamic Wave Art

Captivating wave paintings that evoke movement

Artist Catherine Kennedy – Bringing the Ocean to Life

Discover the world of oil painter Catherine Kennedy.

Featured Artwork


Immerse yourself at home in the energy of the ocean with art. Browse my seascape paintings.
Turquoise Sea III painting in a living room setting
Turquoise Sea III painting in a living room setting
Feel the calming presence of ocean waves on canvas.

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Turquoise Surf II large original oil painting on canvas for sale online
Turquoise Surf II
Sea Waves is an original oil painting on canvas showing a large teal green wave cresting in a blue ocean with a blue sky onto a sandy beach. 76 x 76 cm for sale online.
Sea Waves


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