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How local art can enhance your home

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7 Reasons:-

  1. An original piece of art allows the viewer to feel the time, effort, and skill that went into its creation.
  2. With a local piece of art the opportunity to meet the artist in person is much more likely.
  3. Meeting the artist allows a collector to hear the story or reason for creating the work.
  4. Even without meeting the artist in person, seeing the texture, brush and strokes on the work serves as a reminder that there is a human person behind the work of art. So many of the objects in our homes are produced by machine.
  5. Your choice of art serves as a translator to those who visit your home. It shows what you value in life and some of your personality.
  6. A piece of art can evoke powerful emotions. If can cheer us up after a bad day , bring back a happy memory or inspire us to do something else tomorrow.
  7. Your home is “your place,” it’s where you spend a large amount of your time. Making your space to your liking and surrounding yourself with pieces of art that you love will enhance your experience of that space.

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