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New seascape paintings

Spring is finally here and with it comes a new energy. Fuelled by the return of the wonderful weather here in Teignmouth and the burgeoning growth all around me. Today I sat on Shaldon beach and had breakfast with my other half; very enjoyable looking out to see and watching the boats go by.

I have been busy in my studio too, painting some new seascapes and wave paintings. They have just been listed on my website for you to have a look at. I

As well as painting seascapes and pick-nicking on the beach I have been sitting in front of my Mac and updating my website. So hopefully it is easier to use and faster to load on all devices, especially mobile phones.

Finally I came across this poem which I liked it is called “Sea Lyric”. Hope you enjoy.

                                Sea Lyric by William Stanley Braithwaite  
                                 Over the seas to-night, love,
                                     Over the darksome deeps,
                                 Over the seas to-night, love,
                                     Slowly my vessel creeps.
                                 Over the seas to-night, love,
                                     Waking the sleeping foam—
                                 Sailing away from thee, love,
                                     Sailing from thee and home.
                                 Over the seas to-night, love,
                                     Dreaming beneath the spars—
                                 Till in my dreams you shine, love,
                                     Bright as the listening stars.

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