This page is about me and the influences that shape my seascape oil paintings. Welcome to my artist website. l am a painter inspired by the energy of the seas and love to bring positive energy indoors though my artwork.

I have painted throughout my life, but it wasn’t until I reached the age of 37 that I went to University to study fine art. Graduating with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 2008 from Plymouth University. Studying film and video art as part of my course has impacted on the way like to paint. Including a sense of movement and escapism in my work is important to me. I want the viewer to feel they can walk across the sand or dive into the sea.

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About 19 years ago we as a family moved to Devon. Initially based in the coastal town of Sidmouth, East Devon we moved along the Jurassic coastline to finally settle in Teignmouth, South Devon which is again right on the coast. The seas and shoreline of Devon and Cornwall still inspire my work. I am a Geopark Ambassador Artist for the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark.

Here are some images of my studio space….

Series of paintings

My seascape and wave series looks at the light coming through the waves and refracted light bouncing off the sea.

My abstract series looks at the play of light on water. It is a more tranquil and peaceful contrast to the first energising wave series. It examines shallow turquoise and emerald seas.  I am intrigued the patterns created when sunlight hits the shallow water creating a dance of light and shadow with blue, turquoise, green and indigo ripples.

These two series have been inspired by the changing colours of ocean with its emerald and turquoise waters, have all had an influence on what I wanted to paint.


My paintings are oil on canvas as I prefer to work with this medium for its adaptability. In my work I aim to incorporate a process of change and development. For instance saturated elements are left to dry on the canvas changing over time. Only after a period of waiting the eventual image can be resolved. I apply glazes to further enrich the surface of the work. It is important to me to revisiting a painting several times until I am completely satisfied with the texture and depth of colour in the finished painting.

I’m often asked how long does it take to paint a canvas. This can vary if a painting is going well it should take between 3 – 4 weeks to complete. However I might go back to a particular painting after 6 months if I am not completely satisfied with the finish or composition.

On this website you can find my latest works, which are sent directly from my studio in Teignmouth, South Devon to your home. Escape to the coast through an original piece of art.


Commissions are welcome. If you would like to contact me about your particular space or project or to book a studio visit please contact me by filling in this form here or send an email to [email protected].


  • Art Surrey 2024 Epsom Racecourse
  • TAAG 50:50 Show 2024
  • Devon Open Studios 2023
  • Sussex Art Fair, Goodwood 2022 Contemporary Art Fair Newbury 2022 Bath Art Fair 2022
  • Contemporary Art Fair Newbury, Sandown and Windsor 2021 Summer & Winter Exhibition,
  • Artizan Fleet Walk, Torquay 2020/21/22
  • Devon Artist Network Exhibition, Artizan Fleet Walk, Torquay 2019
  • Art Ambassador Show, Artizan Gallery, Torquay 2019
  • Wave Series, Teignmouth Pavilions 2019
  • Multimedia Art Show, TAAG, Teignmouth 2019 Artizan Gallery, Torquay 2018
  • Artmazing, Powderham Castle 2018
  • Group exhibition Speculation Gallery, Brixham 2018
  • Solo exhibition Pavilions Teignmouth 2017
  • Group exhibition Harbour House, Kingsbridge 2016
  • Solo exhibition Blue Indigo, Teignmouth 2015
  • Devon Open Studios, Teignmouth 2014
  • Brownston Gallery, Modbury 2013
  • Flavel theatre, Dartmouth 2012
  • Blue Indigo, Teignmouth 2011
  • Blue Indigo, Teignmouth 2010
  • South Bank 2009 video
  • University of West of England, Taunton 2008 video installation ‘St.Piran’s Day march, Perranporth
  • Royal William Yard, Plymouth 2006 video installation ‘The sinking of the Napoli”
Reviews and Feedback…

“We moved to our new house 6 months ago and since then I have been searching online for a seascape to go behind my deep blue velvet sofa. I knew what I wanted but for the longest time I just could not find it. I googled countless websites, online galleries and kept searching till I came across your gallery and saw that piece. Just perfect. Its a beautiful piece with a lot of depth in it.” “Just to let you know that I received the painting this morning and am really pleased with it !! Many thanks for your note and the voucher!! Keep up the awesome work!”

A couple that had just moved into their new house recently contacted me. They had a large blank stairwell and wanted something to lift the space. They had seen examples of my work online, and together we discussed colours size and design of a new wave painting that would add colour and drama to their new home

“We’ve moved into a new but rather plain house in Torquay and need a bold painting up the entrance stairs.” 

They were very pleased with the end result and sent me a photo of the finished painting hanging on the wall and said

“I’m sure I’ll be back for another.”

A holiday maker visited on of my local exhibitions here in Devon and saw a paintings and liked it, but was unable to take it with her as she lived in Scotland. She later contacted me through my website and bought it online. I shipped it up to her using a next day fragile service and she emailed me when it arrived.

Thank you for my painting, it arrived safely and thought you might like to know I have hung it in my bedroom so it is the last thing I see when I go to bed and the first thing I see when I wake. I’m thrilled.”

Another customer wanted a surprise for his wife at Christmas. So he bought a painting online through my website and I sent it by courier next day fragile service.

“Many thanks for your help. This would be something very special for wife and I keen to make it happen. It’s perfect. Let’s go with Emerald Sea.”