View art in your own room with virtual app

Ever wondered what a painting or print would actually look like on your wall? and how to view art in your own room before you buy? Here’s the answer “Artplacer” is a fun new extension I’ve just added to my … Read More

4 Reasons to invest in original art

Art for your interior design project gives that finishing touch that can help pull a space together and make it feel finished. Not only will it enhance your living space, but it will also add a uniqueness and overall aesthetic … Read More

Commissioning Art…How to guide…

Commissioning art is a unique and great way of purchasing and personalising art. The process allows you to become fully engaged with the design and development of a bespoke piece of artwork. … Read More

The perfect escape

6 Tranquil Benefits of Experiencing the Sea’s Calming Energy Introduction:The sounds of the waves rolling on to the shore, the salty smell of the air, and the feeling of sand beneath your feet – spending time near the sea can … Read More

Why Seascape Painting is the Perfect Stress-Reliever,

Have you ever felt overwhelmed at the end of a long day and couldn’t figure out how to unwind? You’re not alone. Stress is a big issue for Britain today. In the UK’s largest ever stress survey, 74% of people … Read More

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