New work in progress. Here are some images and videos of paintings that I am working on at the moment at various stages of their development. When they are finished I will add them to my online art gallery where they will be available to purchase.

  • First stage of this new oil painting title “Emerald Ocean Waves II”
  • I have laid out the main areas of colour in blocks
  • Also added a small amount of texture and form
  • I have added more definition on the waves to the left and foam in the foreground
  • Also lightened the sky and added highlights to the left to give more suggestion of sunlight coming into the painting from the left
  • More definition and highlights to brighten the painting and give a stronger sunlight impression
  • Also added titanium white to the tops of the waves to suggest surf with a shadow underneath and foam detail under the waves.
  • Added highlights to the sand to give a reflective feel
  • Still not happy with the colour of the sky so will wait until this stage is dry and alter it
  • Added some more waves and definition to the top left of the painting
  • Added glazes to the top right of the ocean to soften.
  • Added warmth to the sky to tone in with the warm of the sand in the foreground.
  • Highlighted the foreground some more and toned down the purple in the foreground
  • Added more volume to the top of the wave foam
  • Finished and the painting available here
Here is a video of my painting process for “Emerald Ocean Waves II”
Turquoise Beach II stage 1
  • Turquoise Beach II stage 1
  • Mapping out the main colour areas and shapes of the waves
  • Colours used….
  • Phthalo Blue and Green
  • Titanium White
  • Prussian and Cerulean Blue
  • Ultramarine Blue and Viridian Green
  • Paynes Grey
  • Burnt Sienna & Raw Umber
  • Cadmium Red
  • Naples Yellow
  • Ultramarine violet
turquoise beach II stage 2
  • Turquoise Beach II stage 2
  • added some highlights and shade to the waves to give definition
  • Glazed over some initial colours to add depth
Turquoise Beach II stage 3
  • Turquoise Beach II stage 3
  • added in some foam detail to the foreground and waves to the background
  • glazed over the sand to make it look wet with the incoming tide
Turquoise Beach II stage 4
  • Turquoise Beach II stage 4
  • Glazed over the sky to make it more blue
  • Changed the surf and foam to the left to make it balance more with the overall image.
  • Turned it into a cresting wave.
  • Will leave to dry then add final highlights and shadows